A Cute Competition between Corgi and a Bulldog Fighting over a Special Sitting Spot at Their Home!!!


Here are two pet dogs that are living in the same home. One dog is a Corgi and the other dog is a bulldog. The Corgi is sitting on a special cushion under the piano that has a beautiful view of the outside through the window. The bulldog also wants to sit at this special spot that the Corgi doesn’t want to vacate.

A silent battle of wills takes place between the two pets that is adorable to see and hear on the video below.

The bulldog looks longingly at his owner with an expression that seems to say “This is my special spot, can you ask him to leave, please?” A soft whimper from the bulldog can also be heard.

fd002830The bulldog gives a long meaningful stare at the Corgi though his companion appears to ignore his plea to vacant this comfortable sitting sport under the piano.fd002831

Finally, the Corgi gets up and leaves the special spot as the bulldog looks happily at his favorite location.
fd002834A happy bulldog sitting down on his special cushion with a look of satisfaction.

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source: YouTube