A First Meeting Kiss Becomes A First Meeting of “THE SLAP” in this Video Parody!!!



A series of provocative videos about the first kiss between men and women during their first meeting became a very popular topic of discussion with many online viewers. To watch these videos, please click on the website link for more details here.  FIRST KISS on YouTube

Max Landis is a filmmaker who decided to create his own version of a first meeting between two people which featured a slap of each other on video along with commentary of the 40 people who participated in “THE SLAP”.

See Video Here

Landis explained that, “this is is a parody video and a slap may be more reliable than a kiss and this is intended to explore the essence of developing a more intimate relationship”.

Online Comments

・Interesting! Maybe I will try this at the next sales meeting!
・It is just like the movie “Fight Club”!
・Great hitting and kissing in the video!




Is this person a child actor who starred in the Hollywood movie called “The Sixth Sense”?

Everyone smiled when they finished their roles in “THE SLAP”.


Reference Video: “FIRST KISS” on YouTube