This Amazing Camera Can Take Images from the Dark of Night and Transport Them into Daylight!!!


Here is a scene on the beach of people dancing and enjoying themselves in broad daylight but in fact this image was taken in the middle of the night using a camera that can produce images of day from the darkness of night!

▼ This perfectly clear blue sky appears to have been taken in the middle of the day.


▼ This bright sunlight is quite dazzling to the naked eye.


See Video Here

Sony Single-Lens Reflex Camera “α A7S”.

This high-performance digital camera which was used to produce this video was the Sony Single-Lens Reflex Camera “α A7S” which features “ISO sensitivity” and is capable of taking amazing photos or videos in either day or night!

The “α A7S”.


This digital camera is moderately priced at approximately USD $1,950.00 dollars and this camera’s performance is simply amazing!

source: ソニー α A7S