Watch a Helicopter Flying Through the Air Without a Functioning Rotor on YouTube!!!

source: YouTube

Can you believe that this helicopter s flying through the air without a functioning rotor? This video that was posted on YouTube has created of buzz with online viewers worldwide!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below!

See Video Here

source: YouTube

This is clearly a strange phenomenon and is it really possible in reality?

Actually, it is possible to achieve this visual effect with the following camera function!

Authentic super fast shutter speed!

According to the title “Camera shutter speed matches helicopter`s rotor” that was posted on YouTube by photographer Chris Fay who actually shot this magical video …

The photographer set the “shutter speed” of the camera function to match the rotation speed of the helicopter rotor so it creates this unique visual effect!

source: YouTube

What is shutter speed …?

The time when light shines on the film or image sensor inside the camera during shooting is called “shutter speed”, and if you take a subject moving at a fast speed with a slow shutter speed, the image of one frame of the image, the gap between them is noticeable. Conversely, if you take a picture of the subject with a faster shutter speed, you will fill up the gap and the movement looks completely smooth!


Shooting these images with the shutter speed on as fast as possible creates the effect of the helicopter rotor looking like it isn’t moving when in fact it is!

What did you think?

This video of the helicopter flying in the air without its rotor in operation is stunning thanks to the special effects of the camera!

source: YouTube