Looking at Your Smartphone Today is Just Replacing Another Pastime From a Long Time Ago!!!

“Today’s youth is often criticized with their obsessive behavior on their smartphones”.

Young people nowadays are perceived as wasting time and being completely self-absorbed gazing into their mobile phones for extended periods of time but more than one hundred years ago, people had a different activity which looks surprisingly familiar to people’s behavior today! Please take a look at the photo below and you will be see the stark similarities with people today.

Recently, people are browsing on their smartphones while waiting for the subway.


A long time ago, almost everyone read newspapers while waiting for public transportation.

Although, there a difference between newspapers and smartphones, people’s curiosity and desire to browse for information has not changed! Enjoying a newspaper crossword is similar to playing an online game!

Some online viewers made the following comments:

・ Some people try to romanticize the past in today’s society.
・ People even read newspapers while going the bathroom!
・ Walking while looking at a smartphone is dangerous.
・ These activities are extraordinary spectacles when viewed from the context of history.

So, it seems that young people should be forgiven for indulging in this recent technology as people have been behaving this way in public spaces for a long time!

source: redditian.com

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