A Dad and Son Play a Trick on Mom as They Orchestrate a Spectacular Fall at Home!!!


Here is a delightful video of a sophisticated plot of a father and son attempting to deceive a Mom of a death-defying stunt that goes terribly wrong at home! A life-sized dummy of the son wearing a Spiderman costume (the same as the son) is suddenly flung over the railing of the second floor of the family home!

▼ At first, Here is the mom and dad having fun with their 2-year-old son who is disguised as “Spiderman”.


▼ Then, the mother proceeds to go downstairs to the main floor.

▼ Now, the secret plan is about to be launched as the father and son collaborate on their plan to deceive and fool the mom who is unaware of the scheme.

▼ Here is the mom downstairs completely unaware of the shock which is about to take place.

▼ Here is the moment when the Mom sees the figure of her son flying through the air!


Please watch and enjoy this wonderful devious video and the shocking reaction of the mother!

See Video Here

What did you think?

It was quite a sublime performance by the father and son to create and execute this plan!

I laughed when I watched this video!