When Cat Owners Return After a Long Absence from Home His Cat Gives Them the Cold Shoulder!!!

Here are some photos of the husband of a cat owner who had been away on military duty for a long time. When he finally arrives at home, his pet cat is there to greet him at the door in a rather unemotional display compared to the excitement often expressed by pet dogs in the same situation.

In the Case of a Dog.

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The joy of these two dogs can be clearly seen as soon as they see the owner arrive at home after a long absence. They look so happy and so excited!

In the Case of a Cat.

▼ Here is a pet cat trying to escape the clutches of his owner.

▼ Here is another cat owner trying to coax her pet cat off the table.

▼ Look at the rather cool and disinterested reaction of this cat running away the moment his owner opens the door.

▼ An attempted surprize greeting by the owner ends with the cat running away!

▼ This cat doesn’t appear to be interested in his owner.

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What do you think?

Unlike dogs, many cats do not express emotions openly with their owners in many cases. In fact, some people feel that cats are quite cold and unfriendly.

However, many people prefer cats to dogs and adore their unique and eccentric personalities and traits. It really depend on the personal preference of the person.

source: reddit