I have never seen such a home inn !! Astonished by the acrobatic play that jumped out in the major !!

source: YouTube

I have never seen such a home in! It is! I will introduce it because it is a topic such as surprising nationwide to the acrobatic play that jumped out with major!

Major league where the highest peak speed and power creates a thrilling game. There are many thrilling scenes in the history of a long major, but I have never seen Home Inn like this one.

Superplay play started from Toronto Blue Jays vs. St. Louis Cardinals’ match on 25th April.

Blue Jays batters give a big flying ball to the light.

source: YouTube

The right hand can not catch the ball and the runner goes around the 3rd at a stroke while the ball is rolling.

source: YouTube

source: YouTube

And it was the time when the return ball seemed to be returning to the Molina catcher of Cardinals. At the timing of the limit, the real acrobatic play will jump out! It is!

source: YouTube

source: YouTube

Chris Kogran, who came in to the home, jumped over the best Molina player in the jump and touched the home for each body. This can not be done anyhow even with one of the major catchers major players, Molina players. I felt it was a momentary disappearance! Is it? Is it not?

To see rarely seen super play, please also watch videos!

See Video Here

source: YouTube

source: youtube

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