Hollywood actress who was hidden in the train turns out to be scary! What is that way !?

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Hollywood actress who was hidden in the train turns out to be scary! I will introduce that method as a topic!

This time the secret shoot was taken by Naomi Watts, a beautiful actress from the UK who has appeared in numerous movies. In addition to winning many awards in the movie “Mulholland Drive” starring in 2001, “King Kong” who played the heroine in 2005 recorded a big hit. Since then it has appeared in various works and its success is expected in the future.

Even in my own instagram, it shows various expressions.

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Such Naomi · Watts is taking a train, fans will be taking hidden shots. Here is the post by that fan.

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The fans posted “with Naomi on the subway today” with a comment.

However, Naomi opposes his eyes with hidden shooting as much as told teeth on his teeth. Naomi says that he will shoot the figure of the fans in the middle of hiding themselves …! It is!

Here is the post by Naomi.

“Do you think that it does not exist?”

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It is an image capturing the moment that it is just the moment of secret shooting. A Hollywood Actress Revives a Revival!

As an actress, you should have thought it was not supposed to be taking a hidden shoot. I would not have thought that the fans were going back like this.

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