See an Owl’s Magic Messages Into a Person’s Heart and Soul in These Twitter Images!!!

source: twitter
Owl’s are becoming more and more popular as pets. A Twitter user recently posted some images of his pet owl and claims that his bird has the special ability soothe the heart and spirit of people who gaze into its eyes!

The owl’s owner is a Twitter user named Genkin’s Holiday who posted these images on his Twitter account of his pet bird who is named “Gouru”. It seems that this owl has the unique ability to communicate directly to the heart of people who look deeply into his beautiful eyes!

Although no words are spoken, many people claim that this owl can communicate directly into their heart and soul!

Here is another image of “Gouru” staring at a door and waiting for it to open it seems.

Dangerous, I want to open soon.

“Gouru’s” images have been posted here at this Twitter account of Genkin’s Holiday so please take a look at those who have been captivated by this special owl!

source: twitter

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