See the Uniquely Shaped Sleeping Bag Featuring Sharks, Giant Squids and Killer Whales!!!

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Here are some adorable images of some uniquely shaped sleeping bags featuring marine life such assharks, giant squids and killer whales for adults and children! They are produced by a company called “Chumbuddy” and can be purchased at the Village Vanguard online store.

Here is a woman sleeping inside a shark-themed sleeping bag.

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By the way, these cool sleeping bags are also available for children.

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source: prtimes

Here is a sleeping bag that like a giant squid Is it really safe to sleep inside there?

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source: prtimes

Good night and sweet dreams!

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Here are some killer whales themed sleeping bags.

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Here is another sleeping bag that is shaped like a shark! Be careful!

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What did you think?

Each sleeping bag is made to fit the size of the entire body and functions like a normal sleeping bag that also comes with pillow (most of the dorsal parts of marine life are removable).

Please check out the website link if you are interested in learning more about these unique sleeping bags from “Chumbuddy”!

Village Vanguard Sleeping Bags

source: prtimes / vvstore

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