Watch a Dramatic Rescue of Some Baby Duckling from a Sewage Drainage Pipe on Video!!!

source: YouTube

Here are some heartwarming video images of a dramatic rescue of a small duckling that had fallen into drainage sewer by a police officer that has become a hot topic of discussion with online viewers from all over the world since the the video was recently posted on YouTube.

A stranger who saw some of the tiny birds fall through the screen of the drainage sewer and immediately called the police who quickly Coincidentally, a gentle man who was present on the spot contacts the police. And rescue of babies of ducks by police officers began!

Here is the mother duck who seems to be appealing to a policeman to rescue her children!

source: YouTube

Here is the screen of the drainage sewer that has gaps that are too big and easily allows small animals to fall through!

source: YouTube

The mother and her other children of the leftover duck are carefully watching the police officers.

source: YouTube

Here is a baby duck that has been rescued by a police officer!

source: YouTube

The baby duck quickly runs back to her mother in a happy moment!

source: YouTube

Another police officer stands above the drainage sewer on the other side of the road.

source: YouTube

It appears that the baby duckling fell through here.

source: YouTube

A policeman who rescued a baby duck crosses the road and returns the baby to her mother. It is a joyous moment for them!

source: YouTube

Here is a police officer packing something in a red bag and walking along the bank of a river.

source: YouTube

From the red bag, many ducklings came out so it seems that a large number of ducks had fallen through the sewage drain screens!

source: YouTube

The mother ducks and ducklings are released into the river and peacefully swim away.

source: YouTube

What did you think?

I think that these rescues by local police are really heartwarming story that really highlight a happy end to a harrowing situation for these tiny ducks!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

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