See an Amazing Scene of Many Friendly Sparrows Enjoying Some Close Human Contact!!!

source: twitter

Here are delightful images of a scene of a large number of sparrows enjoying some close human contact that became a popular topic of discussion with online viewers from all over the world after they were posted on Twitter!

A Twitter user named @HikozaTwi filmed these images in 2014 and was just recently posted on the popular social media network where it generated a lot of reactions!

source: twitter

Normally, sparrows are very sensitive and will quickly fly when people approach but these curious birds defy that image as several of them actually jump up and stand in the hands of Hikoku Nonaka@Iwarai Corps @HikozaTwi who filmed this amazing scene!

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A pigeon is seen walking in the background of the group of adorable sparrows gathering around this person. It really is a wonderful sight to see!

source: twitter

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