See a Hilarious Video of a Guy’s Strange and Unconventional Way of Evading the Police!!!

NSfreee151108559220_TP_V_Rsource: pakutaso
Here are some video images that features a hilarious escape of a man from pursuing police officers that proves to be successful and has quickly became a huge topic of discussion with online viewers from all over the world since they were posted on YouTube!

This video is quite silly but the visual quality is high and provides a clever visual deception that is very deceiving to viewers eyes!

▼ The person who discovered an ingenious method of deception.
source: YouTube
Here is a metallic flexible duct used for ventilation and air conditioning and this man somehow discovered that wearing the duct deflects the effectiveness of “thermal heat cameras”.

▼ Here is a real time demonstration in which the man quickly dons the “ventilation cylinder duct” and starts to run away.
source: YouTube

▼ Here is the cylinder covering the man’s head.
source: YouTube

▼ The cylinder is expanded to cover the man’s entire body as shown in this image.
source: YouTube
The strange position of this ventilation duct would surely be noticed by real police compared to these fictitious cops in this entertaining video.

Please watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

What did you think?

People who saw this video provided many comments such as “Where did he go?”, “This is wonderful!” and “Interesting!”. Some people also commented that said that “thermal insulation” used in the video prevented heat sensitive cameras to spot the escaping man!”. The police would certainly be more vigilant in reality compared to this entertaining video!

source: youtube

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