See a Spectacular View of Jet-Stream Clouds from a High-Altitude Passenger Jet Airplane!!!

source: instagram

Here are some spectacular images of some jet-stream clouds from a high-altitude passenger jet airplane that has quickly become a huge topic of discussion among online viewers from all over the world!

These high altitude clouds are also called “zebra clouds” that look absolutely amazing in the brilliant blue sky that spreads over a large distance!

source: instagram

Here is a photograph taken from the top of a jet-stream cloud that was taken in the sky between the cities of Perth and Adelaide and it appears that clouds are actually shimmering!

source: instagram

Why are these wave-clouds created?
It seems that there are various wavelengths in the atmosphere and the air movements impacts the generation and shapes of clouds along with levels of humidity and temperature come together and create these beautiful patterns of clouds in the sky!

Here is an image of these wavy clouds seen from the ground.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

This natural phenomenon is truly magnificent and these remarkable cloud patterns are simply spectacular to see!

source: instagram / wikipedia

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