See Some Cute Images of a Golden Retriever Standing on the Roof of His Owner’s Home!!!

source: instagram
Here is a large golden retriever sitting on the roof of his family’s home and gazing into the distance. At first glance, you could feel some concern for this dog and why is he sitting at such an unusual location?

This dog is living with his family in the city of Austin, Texas and is named Huckleberry and this adventurous dog really does have a unique approach to daily life that has since attracted the attention of online viewers from all over the world! This dog just loves to be perched at his favorite spot on the roof of his family’s home as shown in this image.

“Huckleberry” attracts a lot of attention and curiosity so his owner decided to post a sign in front of the family home explaining this dog’s eccentric behavior!

▼ Here is “Huckleberry’s” signboard.

“Don’t worry, his name is” Huckleberry ” and he learned how to climb the roof from the backyard, we will not leave him in the backyard while we are away, so if he is on the roof that means that we are at home and you have nothing to worry about. As long as he isn’t distracted by something, he will not fall off the roof so please take a picture of him and share it with the world with the hashtag of “#hucktheroofdog”

Thanks to this message, “Huck” became famous on the Internet and many people are posting cute “Huck” photos on SNS networks such as Twitter and Instagram!

“Huckleberry” also has his own Instagram page which has over 170,000 followers.

The name “Huckleberry” is a perfect match for this big dog with an eccentric personality!

source: instagram / twitter

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