See a Cute and Chubby Hedgehog Trying Roll Back on Its Feet and is Unable to Do So!!!

source: twitter
Here are some adorable video images of a cute and chubby hedgehog which was recently posted online by a Twitter user and has become a big topic of discussion with online viewers from all around the world!

Here is a pretty cute hedgehog lying on its back on the floor.

Twitter users posted videos on Twitter ”See Mee”

▼ The tiny animal is trying to roll back onto its feet but is unable to do so!
source: twitter

▼ The hedgehog keeps desperately trying but simply cannot succeed!
source: twitter
The hedgehog can not get up easily.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the cute and chubby hedgehog gives up and falls asleep in the same position!

Hedgehogs can sleep on their backs!”
source: twitter

This tiny animal is just so cute!

This tiny animals are simply adorable to watch!

”See Mee” has released some other cute videos of her cute pet!

What did you think?

Hedgehogs are so cute so it was such a delight to see this adorable animal’s antics in these short videos!

source: twitter

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