A Surveillance Camera Prevent a Crime After the Thief is Captured in the Act on Video!!!

source: YouTube

Here is an amazing video of a surveillance camera capturing a man attempting to steal another man’s wallet at an ATM machine that quickly became a big topic of discussion with online viewers from all around the world after the video images were posted on YouTube!

Here is an ATM machine and there is a man who is standing behind another man and appears to be waiting for the opportunity to steal the other man’s wallet!

source: YouTube

As the thief grabs the wallet, the other man appears not to notice at this moment!

source: YouTube

The thief appears to be quite nervous at this stage as he keeps looking around by checking backwards, to the left and to the right!

source: YouTube

Oops! The thief realizes too late that his face has been captured by the surveillance camera!

source: YouTube

The man seems to be in a discussion with himself as he attempts to decide what is the best action to do at this point!?!

source: YouTube

Then, the man decides to put the stolen wallet on the ground in an attempt to escape his earlier criminal activities!

source: YouTube

The thief then proceeds to call out to his victim that he had dropped his wallet!

source: YouTube

The unsuspecting man picks up his wallet and shakes the hand of the thief without suspecting what had just happened!

What did you think?

This is a case where surveillance cameras clearly its effectiveness to stop crime but other measures need to be enhanced in order to reduce crime altogether!

source: youtube

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