Watch Two Cute Cats Fumble and Play with Some Japanese Shogi Pieces in These Images!!

source: YouTube

Here are a pair of cute and mischievous cats playing around with some “shogi” pieces and their antics was captured on video and quickly became a big topic of discussion among online viewers all around the world!

The theme of this video is titled Shogi breakdown! “Shogi” is a traditional board game in Japan which is similar to the game of chess.

Here are the two cats gazing at the shogi pieces on the board. Are they actually playing the game or thinking about something else at this time?

source: YouTube

The cat on the left touch a shogi piece with his paw and then the cat on the right moves his paw towards the pile of pieces in the centre of the board!

source: YouTube

As the felines silently stare at each other for several seconds, there is a growing tension in this game of strategy between two cats!

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After a tentative glance at their owner, the cats seems to waiting for an offer some food but nothing occurs!

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The cats start to push the shogi pieces of the board! Don’t they look adorable?

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source: YouTube

The game heats up and the two cats start to push more and more pieces off the shogi board!

source: YouTube

These two cute cats really attempted to play a game with each other but it doesn’t resemble the game of shogi at all!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below!

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source: YouTube