Enjoy the Three-Dimensional Beauty of This Diamond Created with Pencil Crayons!!!

C35WnUKVUAEcrTq_Rsource: twitter
Here is a beautiful diamond that was created with coloured pencil crayons and posted on the social media network of Twitter by a Twitter user named ”Ryu”.

These images have become a big topic of discussion among online viewers worldwide and is even more impressive when the artist is a young Japanese student named ”Ryu”. Please take a look at some of his exquisite artwork below.

Ryu’s Recent Tweets and Flipnote attachments.

What beautiful diamonds!

Here is photo of the above diamond and it already looks beautiful!

▼ Here is an oil painting complete by the same student.

This talented young man also has also created these wire art shapes.

These creations are also amazing.

▼ Here is another gorgeous creation using macramé..

▼ Here some exquisite examples of traditional Japanese paper folding or “Origami”!

What did you think?

These drawings are really impressive to see and these high school students display so much talent in the accuracy and attention to detail! To be able to convey a three-dimensional effect with just pencil crayons is quite remarkable. This Twitter user ”Ryu” is very accomplished artist at such a young age!

source: twitter