See Some Funny and Odd Images of a Scowling Cat with Strange Human Hands!!!

source: Twitter

Here are some very strange and unusual images of a melancholy cat with a moody disposition that also has human hands?

A series of photographs was posted on the social media network of Twitter and quickly became a huge hit with online viewers worldwide!

This Twitter user em(@apricotbelly) has posted this surreal cat photos and almost 270,000 people have taken notice in just one week!

Here are some other weird cat poses with those strange human hands!

source: Twitter

source: Twitter

This kitty looks quite blue and is lost in thought about something and those strange hands! This cat looks so sad that it’s adorable!

Actually, a store in the United States sells hand toys modelled on this feline! Tumbler Website Link He seems to have posted these images on Tumbler as well.

On the Tumbler website link, there are several more of these strange but captivating cat photos with the human hands!

source: Tumbler

Here is one of the strange hands touch the kitty’s nose! This cat’s facial expression and body language never changes!

By the way, here are the finger puppet of the strange human hands that are on sale and are quite popular items at this time!


Putting these strange hands on all of your fingers would look quite bizarre! These strange hands appear to covering this cat’s paws!

What did you think?

This melancholy cat is simply adorable and the photos are strange but extremely entertaining!

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