Take This Challenging Test Involving 5 Animal Archetypes About Human Psychology!!!

Here is a challenging psychological test that has become quite popular and involves five animal archetypes and human personality! Please try it!

A psychology test.

You have traveled a very long time with five different types of animals.

The five animals are a donkey, a cat, a wolf, a cow, and a raccoon.

Please imagine that you and the animals are on a long journey together and as you encounter various difficulties along the way, you need to select one animal to part with one by one. Please write down the order of which animals you would part with on your journey.

What you can see in this test.

This test provides the psychological meanings of the animal archetypes and the universal values each animal represents in the “order of parting = ordered to truncate when you are in trouble”.

Donkey = Work.
source: irasutoya.com

Cat = Love.
source: irasutoya.com

Wolf = Pride.
source: irasutoya.com

Cow = Money.
source: irasutoya.com

Raccoon = Friends.
source: irasutoya.com

What did you think?

What was your result?

This test reveals what you would throw away the first time when you are in trouble or what you would not throw away until the very end! This psychological test is becoming a hot topic so please let your friends and family about this challenging test!

source: ntv.co.jp