A Neighbours Letter Reveals the Touching Friendship of Two Cats!!!

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It is a sad thing when a pet passes away and travels to heaven.

Here is a touching story about the special friendship between two cats named Teddy (on the left) and Bear (on the right) that was posted on the overseas bulletin board service “Reddit” by Reddit user TravUK. This unlikely friendship generate a huge amount of interest with online users worldwide!

A letter from a neighbor.

Teddy and Bear were very close friends who played together every day.

One day in February 2017, Bear suddenly passed away and went to heaven.

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TravUK who was the owner of “Bear” and his family was devastated by the loss and was grieving over their pet cat’s passing when one day he saw “Teddy” who had a letter tied to his collar.

▼ Her is the letter!

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The contents of the letter was about “Bear”.

Dear Owner
I am a neighbor who lives in Room 4. I am also a close friend of your two cats as they (the two cats) would come to my room everyday. But one of them, the bigger one has disappeared for two weeks. Is he ok? I am so worried about him. He is a lovely cat and always touched my heart. Wish he is fine.

Teddy and Bear seem to have visited a neighbour’s place everyday and the neighbour really enjoyed their company.

After he read this letter, “TravUK” placed a reply that about “Bear” going to heaven in “Teddy’s collar. Later on, an international student from Taiwan posted another letter with some photographs of the two cats together.

That photograph is here!

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It seems like these two felines really did have a special bond and friendship.

“TravUK” commented on Reddit that “I was impressed, I’m proud of these two cats who made not only our family happy but also touched the hearts of other people too!”

What did you think?

This is such a heartwarming story and I hope that “Bear” is healthy and happy in heaven.

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