Knowledge Can Now Be Electrically Uploaded Into the Brain Like “Neo” in the Matrix!!!

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In the movie “The Matrix”, the film’s characters are able to download knowledge and advanced skills directly into the brain without studying! According to a recent publication, it appears that science fiction is about to be a reality! According to the American Research Institute, Dr. Matthew Phillips of “HRL Laboratories” released the results of his experiment that reported a 33% improvement in the motor skills of an airplane pilot after receiving direct electrical stimulation to the brain!

Direct stimulation and data flow to the brain.

In the experiment, researchers monitored the function of electric signals in the brain of an experienced pilot while operating an airplane maneuvering via the electrode-embedded type head cap.
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With this electrode-embedded cap, it seems that knowledge can be directly delivered to the brain!

▼ The future may have become such a thing!
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Dr. Matthew Phillips says this research will ultimately enable us to master driving and piloting skills, test preparation and language learning and transform the ways humans acquire knowledge!

This research was announced and published in the February 2016 issue of “Frontiers in Human Neuroscience” though there have no recent announcements or developments.

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In the near future, people may be able to purchase the knowledge you want instead of studying which many feel would be a detriment towards the traditional pursuit of knowledge!

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