Watch an Amazing Video of a Sleeping Sperm Whale in the Middle of the Ocean!!!

Here is a fantastic image of a “Sperm Whale” which are some of the biggest mammals in the world! The massive creatures can grow up to 20 meters or more and can weigh several tonnes! What is unique about this image and the video below is that these whales appear to be sleeping! Please take a look at these remarkable images of these fantastic “sperm whales” sleeping in the middle of the ocean!

This video was taken off the coast of the Azore Islands which is located in the Atlantic Ocean and it shows a sperm whale apparently adrift with its head occasionally breaking the surface to breathe some fresh air! It is one of the first times to witness whales sleeping so this discovery is quite exciting for scientists and researchers!

See Video Here

These giant whales look like huge columns floating in the ocean! This was very interesting to see and learn about!