Listen and Enjoy to the Shrill Sounds of a Cute and Cuddly Mohumov Pomeranian Dog!!!

source: YouTube

Can you identify the cute and cuddly ball of white fur making these high pitched sounds?

Here are some lovely video images of the adorable movements and sounds of the Mohumov Pomeranian dog! This lovely dog breed has recently become a popular topic of discussion with online viewers all over the world!

source: YouTube

This tiny dog looks so cute when it moves around!

source: YouTube

This dog looks like a powder puff!

source: YouTube

What is that sound?

It certainly doesn’t resemble a dog’s bark but in fact, this shrill sound is the “Mohumov” crying so please watch the extended video below.

source: YouTube

How adorable?Here is the tiny cute dog running to fetch a ball!

source: YouTube

Even this dog’s butt is cute!

source: YouTube

The “Mohumov” Pomeranian dog is fast becoming one of the more popular dog breeds and it’s easy to see why.

Please have a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube