Watch a Precocious Pooch Try to Imitate A Girl’s Every Movement!!!

source: YouTube

Here is a young girl practicing gymnastics in her room at her home.

She has a pet dog and he is watching her very carefully. As the girl rehearses her gymnastic moves, her dog instantly attempts to imitate her exact movements! It is so adorable just how attentive her pet is and how much he wants to join in trying everything with her!

Here is the girl practicing a somersault.
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Will the pugnacious pooch attempt one too? It could be quite dangerous for the four-legged puppy!
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An unsuccessful attempt!
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The small girl poses in triumph after completing her practice!
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Her pet also has plenty of determination!
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But, perhaps a short break to recover as gymnastics is tough for a dog!
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Alright, let’s take a break together!
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They both relax on the carpet with the same gesture! How fitting!
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What did you think?

It seems like a lot of fun to see these two chums imitating each other! They have a strong bond and friendship which is great to see!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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source: YouTube