See an Inspiring 5-Year-Old Girl Support Her 92-Year-Old Grandmother!!!

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Here is a young girl living in a remote mountain village in Zunyi City, Guizhou Province in China. Her name is “Anna” and she is just 5 years old but has the responsibility of caring for her elderly grandma and grandmother on her own!

A 5-year-old girl is the only caregiver.

Anna’s father was imprisoned in jail when she was only three months old. Her mother then remarried and abandoned “Anna” and left never to return again. “Anna” was left with her 92-year-old grandmother who suffers from arthritis and has trouble walking. “Anna” is the only person to support her grandmother and she is just a child!

▼ Her grandma is suffering from septic arthritis and has a lot of difficulty walking.

▼ Her grandmother is ninety-two years old and needs home nursing care to go to the toilet
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A typical 5-year-old child goes to a nursery school or kindergarten but this poor child has to work every day to support her family!

▼ “Anna” tends to some crops that is located on a neighbor’s field.
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▼ She also prepares the daily meals.
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▼ “Anna” also helps her grandmother to eat! What a kind and caring child!
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She can only look at the photos with her father which are the only memories she has of him.
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She wants to see her parents again and she sometimes cries out in despair!
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The tragic story of this courageous girl has been picked up in the overseas media and has become a hot topic of discussion with many online viewers. In an overseas media interview, she commented that “I’m praying for the health of my grandma and grandmother”.

If God is watching, I hope this girl receives a miracle and a happier life in the future.

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