See a Wildlife Photographer Stroke and Photograph Wild Rhino in the African Savannah!!!

source: YouTube

Here are some images of a wildlife photographer taking photos of African wildlife his main focus at this moment is a large rhinoceros which is just inches in front of his camera lens! As the rhino strolls by, the photographer boldly strokes the skin of the beast briefly after taking his photos! This fearless photographer and his amazing images of the animals of Africa has generated a lot of interest with many online viewers from all around the world!

The photographer’s name is Gas Debuno Austin and is on assignment taking photographs and filming a documentary program in Mozambique. He is fearless and constantly exposes himself to give himself the best opportunity to take the perfect photo!

source: YouTube

This wild rhino weighs several tons and has a large horn and thick skin making it one of the most powerful creatures in Africa! Not even lions dare to attack a rhino yet this small man is exposing himself to danger and possible attack by the huge beast!

source: YouTube

The rhino just stops next to the photographer and Mr. Austin gently strokes the rhino’s tummy just like a cat!

source: YouTube

This time, the rhino seems to enjoyed the stroking and then slowly walks away into the savannah! What an amazing and exciting moment!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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source: YouTube