See a Pet Prairie Dog Relax After a Narrow Escape and Rescue from a House Fire!!!

source: Facebook
In March 2017, an unexpected fire broke out and essentially destroyed a detached house located in Montgomery County in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States.

Fortunately, all of the family members along with their three pets were able to escape the blaze without any injuries. One of the pets that survived was a prairie dog that had been adopted by the family and is shown in the image here!

Photographs of the family pets were posted on the social media network of Facebook and the prairie dog soon became an online sensation and a big topic of discussion with online viewers around the world!

Here is the adorable animal fast asleep on the sofa with one of the family’s pet dogs!

source: Facebook
source: Facebook

This is the standard sleeping position of a prairie dog and it looks so cute lying on its back with its tiny mouth open! After escaping from the fire, I wonder how the animal can sleep so deeply?.

Here is an image of one of the other family pets but this dog still looks agitated after their narrow escape from the fire!

source: Facebook

A non-profit organization called “Red Paw Emergency Relief Team” has provided support for this family and their pets in the form of pet food and other essential goods for the family while they begin to recover from the house fire!

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I hope that this family and pets can enjoy a happy and stable future in their new home!

source: Facebook