Enjoy an Amazing Video of an Unexpected Encounter Between a Kayak and a Whale!!!

source: YouTube

Here is an amazing video that was taken by people who were kayaking on the ocean when they encountered and nearly collided with a surfacing whale! This video has since become a huge topic of discussion with online viewers from all over the world!

The video was taken off the coast of Patagonia in the nation of Argentina by one of people paddling in a kayak.
source: YouTube

A pod of whales can clearly be seen in the distance and gradually move closer and closer to the kayakers.
source: YouTube

Here is some amazing footage of the huge cetacean only a few meters from the kayak! What an amazing sight!
source: YouTube

Wow! Here is the whale gracefully sliding under the kayak on its back!
source: YouTube

The size and scale of the whale dwarfs the small ocean kayak! This image is simply amazing!
source: YouTube

What did you think?

This encounter could have been catastrophic but fortunately no one was harmed!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

source: www.youtube.com