People React to a Grandmother’s Gentle Treatment of Her Pet Dog in a Wheelchair!!!

source: facebook
The Red Barn Flea Market has a Facebook page and recently some heartwarming images were posted that touched the hearts of many online viewers from all over the world! An elderly woman was spotted pushing a wheelchair and her dog was riding in it! Many people nearby were surprised and curious by this unusual scene but came to realize that the woman’s gesture was an expression of love towards her longtime pet and companion.

A dog riding a wheelchair?

On this day, the elderly woman visited with her dog to the “RedBarnFleaMarket ” We were walking around together and we were both getting tired so I let my dog sit there for a while!
source: facebook

When a customer asked the grandmother about this unusual situation, the elderly woman replied,

“My dog gets tired too! We just take turns!”
16864254_1430206593690371_5207550227011295182_n_Rsource: facebook

Many people nearby noticed this special companionship and took some photographs that were later posted on the social media network of Facebook!
source: facebook
The elderly woman’s comments to those were in fact slightly deceiving as her dog would be unable to push the wheelchair for his owner! It was later discovered that her pet was also very elderly and had a lot of trouble walking so the woman was using her own wheelchair to assist and support her pet!

What did you think?

There is clearly a special bond and relationship between these two and I wish them a long and happy life together!

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