A Smartphone Security Camera Reveals the Culprit Cat Attempting a Break-In!!!

source: reddit.com
On the overseas bulletin board website “Reddit” , there was a photograph that was posted that became a huge talking point with online viewers as it touched upon the sensitive issue of smartphone security. This smartphone user had set upon a camera sensor system called “Luxe Guard” that would automatically take a photo of anyone attempting unlock the user’s smartphone!

A short time later, the camera sensor was activated and the culprit attempting to unlock the smartphone was caught on camera! The photograph was then posted on “Reddit”. It was a shocking discovery when the identity of the suspected was revealed!

A surprising criminal suspect with an evil expression!

The criminal mastermind was a cat!?!
source: reddit.com
The cat’s strange smile and malicious gaze is quite bizarre and not normal at all!

What did you think?

I wonder why this fiendish feline would want to break into into his owner’s smartphone? It is indeed a curious and unsolved mystery at this time!

If you are interested in learning more about “Luxe Guard”, please click on the website link below.

iPhone: “Luxe Guard”

source: reddit