See Some Spectacular Images of a “Sea of Clouds” Taken From the Mountains of Japan!!!

source: Twitter

Here are some truly spectacular photographs featuring a beautiful “sea of clouds” that was taken from the “Beauty Mountain Park’ in Chichibu City, Saitama prefecture in Japan which has become a big topic of discussion among online viewers from all over the world!

A Twitter user took these photos while visiting the Chichibu region Kazuki Sato(@kaz_55oo) and posted them on Twitter where they soon became a huge hit with online viewers who were absolutely enchanted with them!

▼ Here is another image of this remarkable view illuminated by natural light and the color of lights in the distance.


source: Twitter

These photographs are truly breathtaking and the color and lighting actually does come from the city lights and factory facilities that are located in the distance.

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The Chichibu region in Japan is famous for its natural beauty and splendour so it is surprising to see such beautiful photos created by the lights and colors of an urban setting in the distance!

source: Twitter