Enjoy a Comical Video of a Baby Panda Stumbling Up Some Stairs with Human Support!!!

source: YouTube

Here are some delightful video images of a baby panda being pampered and spoiled by a zookeeper as it stumbles up some steps!

Here is the baby panda clinging closely to a zookeeper. What an adorable animal!
source: YouTube

The zookeeper points towards a perch above and encouraging the infant to clamber up the steps and join his siblings!
source: YouTube

The baby panda still doesn’t really have much coordination or balance and starts to topple off the steps!
source: YouTube

Another attempt and the baby panda nearly falls off backwards. The zookeeper catches him just in time!
source: YouTube

After that, the baby panda refuses to try again and remains in the zookeeper’s arms! What a pampered panda!
source: YouTube

The zookeeper keeps urging but the infant animal is content to stay in the keeper’s arms!
source: YouTube

This is quite an amusing scene, don’t you think?

Please take a look and watch the extended video below!

See Video Here

source: YouTube

source: www.youtube.com