Watch a Pet Lizard’s Uncanny Imitation of His Owner’s Hand Movements on Video!!!

source: YouTube

When the owner waved his hand, his pet lizard looked back and waved his forefoot!
Here are some amazing images of the uncanny ability of this man’s pet lizard to respond to gestures which has genrated a huge buzz with online viewers from all around the world!

lizards are popular as pets for many people though these reptiles are difficult to understand as their behavior tends to be minimal and they do not react as a typical cat or dog might when interacting with its owner.

Here is a lizard sitting on a stone and is completely motionless.
source: YouTube

The owner slowly moves his hand to the left and to the right in front of the lizard’s face and eyes.
source: YouTube

After a few minutes, the lizard begins to move closer towards the owner. What is the reptile thinking at this moment?
source: YouTube

Suddenly and without warning, the lizard does something totally unexpected and it is simply stunning to see!
source: YouTube

The lizard lifts one of its forefoot into the air and then starts to move the forefoot to the left and to the right just like the owner had done moments before! How is that possible? 2
source: YouTube

Did he try to respond to the owner’s movements?

Was the lizard trying to communicate that he understood his owner’s intentions?

Was the lizard simply imitating the owner’s hand movements?

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube