A Dentist Uses a Poster on the Ceiling to Distract Patients During Painful Oral Surgery!!!


Almost everyone dislikes visiting the dentist especially when it involves removing a tooth or some other long and painful procedure involving the chilling sounds of a drill or other device!

A dentist in the town of Lagley in the United Kingdom recently posted on the online bulletin board website of “Reddit” with an innovative and ingenious idea to reduce the tension and anxiety of patients that has captured the attention of online viewer worldwide!

Here is the dentist’s simple but effective technique!

source: reddit.com

Here is a poster placed on the ceiling directly above the patients chair with some colorful and detailed animated characters that are very familiar to British children and adults.

There is a particular character that the dentist will ask the patient to look for in the poster while the dental procedure is performed!

source: reddit.com

The animated character named “Find a Wally” is pasted somewhere on the poster so that the patient can see it! This distraction often helps patients to concentrate on something else and relax during treatment!

How did you feel?

It may be very helpful especially for children who often cry when visiting the dentist.

source: reddit.com