Witness the Video Images of Molten Lava Flowing Into the Sea from the Kilauea Volcano!!!

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Here are some spectacular video images of molten lava from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii flowing into the ocean! The astonishing power of nature captured in these images have become a big topic of discussion among online viewers everywhere!

The Kilauea volcano is also a World Heritage Site as well as a popular tourist spot in Hawaii and is one of the most active volcanoes in the world!

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There are boat tours which allow sightseers a first hand look at this sight where Hawaiian myth purports that the goddess of fire is busy continuing building the islands of Hawaii!

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What an awesome display!

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As the lava slowly pours into the ocean, one can only wonder at the power and beauty of nature!

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The Kilauea volcano is said to eject between 190,000 to 450,000 cubic meters (m3) each and every day!

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The eerie glow of the red-hot lava at night is just fantastic to see!

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You can almost see and feel the smoke and steam of the super-hot lava as it steadily pours into the ocean as it is truly one of nature’s most spectacular events that helped to shape our world!

Please also watch the extended videos below!

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