See a Feline Monster Moving Under the Bed Sheets in a Spooky Surprise!!!

source: YouTube
Here is a very cute cat who was apparently hiding under the sheets of her owner’s bed and was playing around. When the sheets are opened the mischievous kitty stops moving then starts to move again when the sheets are closed!

Please take a look at this adorable cat moving around the sheets of the bed in this absolutely charming video!

There’s something beneath the bed sheets!

The shape looks strange and alien! What could it be?
source: YouTube

When the sheets are turned over, the strange shape suddenly stops moving!
source: YouTube

When the sheet are closed, the mysterious shape starts moving again!
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source: YouTube

Peering under the sheets reveals the mysterious creature and it turns out to be a mischievous cat!
source: YouTube
The strange movements and odd shape look a little scary at first glance and one imagines a tiny horror movie monster!

However, this adorable cat has turned out to be the mysterious creature under the bed sheets!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below!

See Video Here

The cat looks so surprised when she is discovered under the bed sheets! Those big eyes are so adorable!

source: youtube