Watch a Mischievous Elk Start to Follow a Man Jogging Along a Lake on Video!!!

source: YouTube

Here a delightful image of a person jogging along the shore of a peaceful and serene lake while nearby some grazing “elk” eating grass along its shallow waters. It appears to be a tranquil scene and the jogger goes past the massive animal without any trepidation. However, this time the “elk” looks up and becomes curious with the jogger and starts to follow the person! This surprising scene was captured in a series of images that is quite unbelievable to see!

Here is a mischievous “moose” who is interested in joggers.

This “elk” looks up and observes the jogger and his dog run by and become curious with the activity and begins to follow them!
source: YouTube

Now, the elk increases his pace and starts to jog after the man and his dog!
source: YouTube

The jogger notices the large animal and starts to run faster in an attempt to escape the curious elk!
source: YouTube

It never appears to be a life-threatening situation but having a large “elk” running after you would be a very disturbing situation!

See Video Here

Elk are members of the deer family and generally have a calm and gentle demeanor towards humans but this would be a strange and frightening experience for anyone!

source: youtube