See an Edible Plastic Bag that Has Been Created by a Company in India!!!


An company from India has created and developed an environmentally friendly “Edible Plastic Bag”! This amazing innovation has captured the interest of online viewers from all around the world!

This Indian startup company is called “EnviGreen” and developed a plastic bag that is actually edible! Their plastic bag is said to be organic and 100% biodegradable.

Here is a photo of the founder of “EnviGreen” named Ashwath Hedge. Next to him, is a container that has the raw material that is used to make their edible plastic bags.

Repeated experiments over a 4-year-period.

Hedge studied many kinds of materials and said that he has conducted repeated experiments over the last 4 years and it seems that they have succeeded in making plastic bags of polyethylene plastic bags based on 12 different materials such as potatoes, tapioca, corn, banana, vegetable oil, natural starchy and flower oil.

The various materials are combined in a liquefied raw state. After that, Hedge says the plastic bag is created through a six-step manufacturing process!


This plastic bag disintegrates and disappears if exposed to hot water.

This plastic bag has several benefits. If you place the bag in some hot water, it disintegrates and disappears in about 15 seconds eliminating the need for disposal. (It breaks down within 24 hours even in water at normal temperature). It is also biodegradable so it will break down naturally within 180 days after disposal.

This plastic bag costs more to produce than a standard plastic bag due to the various materials used as well the six-step manufacturing process but it has very high valuation in utility value and social and environment benefits are quite clear.

Chemical substances are not used.

No chemicals are used in the production of this plastic bag and even the ink used for printing is a natural material that both biodegradable and edible!


“EnviGreen” edible plastic bag has received government approval to start producing the bags for commercial use and is now up to 1,000 tons a month while making steady inroads with agreements with some retail chains who have replaced the standard plastic bags with EnviGreen’s” eco-friendly bag!

India is dealing with a growing problem of garbage disposal costs skyrocketing in recent years so demand for this “edible plastic bag” innovation is likely to dramatically increase in the future!


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