See the Cute and Adorable Actions of Two Parakeets and a Stuffed Bird!!!

sourcew: twitter
Here are some extremely popular videos of two parakeets adorable behavior that were recently posted on Twitter! A video of these two parakeets and a stuffed parakeet toy, is a delight to see as the two birds believe that the stuffed parakeet is actually a living bird! Their friendly and jovial behavior has become a very popular topic with online viewers from all around the world!

A stuffed parakeet bird toy.

Here are two parakeets named “Pi” and “Ramune” along with a stuffed parakeet toy which is part of their owner’s sandal! These two birds are very curious about the stuffed bird toy and begin to approach it!

source: twitter

source: twitter
The two parakeets are puzzled that the other bird doesn’t seem to move!

“Why doesn’t this third bird say anything?”
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Finally, one of the parakeets flies on top of the stuffed bird toy!
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Both birds are really friendly and really seem to want to play with this stuffed bird toy! Do they know that this bird isn’t real?

What did you think?

These two parakeets have uniquely different personalities. “Pi” has an aggressive character while “Ramune” is more cautious and shy!

source: twitter