See Some Customized Cat Indentations on the Top of a Sofa That is Adorable!!!

source: Twitter

Here is a sofa and the backrest has been occupied by two sleeping cats indenting the top of the sofa with their sleeping postures that was posted on the social media network of Twitter and inspired a lot of discussion with online viewers worldwide!

Sleeping in a cat-created customized sleeping area!

This Twitter user posted these images online,

Can you see the obvious cause of the dents on the sofa?

It is quite clear that two sleeping felines are responsible for these unusual shapes on the shape of the sofa!


source: Twitter

The cause of the dents are in fact two cats who just love to sleep in the same position on the top of the backrest of the sofa!

source: Twitter

One of the cats also enjoys sleeping in strange positions on the floor in front of the heater or right on top of the feet of the owner as shown in these images!

source: Twitter

What did you think?

These two adorable cats love sleeping in their owner’s warm house!

source: Twitter