Watch a Hungry Horse Try to Unsuccessfully Eat a Children’s Toy on Video!!!

source: YouTube
Here is beautiful looking horse outside in a pasture and appears to be chewing on a children’s toy! It appears that a child living on this farm dropped this toy and the horse is under the impression that it has found a snack! Please this delightful video documenting the unsuccessful attempts by the horse to eat this toy!

A child’s favorite toy.

Here is the horse discovering this colorful chicken shaped toy.
source: amazon
This chicken toy makes a sound when you squeeze it so as the horse starts chewing a series of squeaky sounds can be heard! It is simply hilarious!

Shaking and chewing a chicken toy is hilarious to see!/h3>
Here is the horse shaking the toy while trying to eat it but the shape make this difficult!
source: YouTube
source: YouTube
The seriously swinging appearance and the stupid sound of the toy are exquisitely interesting! If you watch the video all the time, I will unexpectedly blow out!

The horse keeps chewing and the toy keeps squeaking!

Kruzah chook video

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This was a delightful and funny video to watch and enjoy!

source: youtube