An Pet Owner Shows His Disappointed Dog a Comical Video of Loud Snoring!!!

source: YouTube
The Israeli comedian, “Tal Solomon” was concerned that his pet dog’s snoring was unusually noisy and terrible to listen to so he proceeded to capture his pooch’s snoring sounds on video and then show his pet just how noisy his sleeping sounds actually were!

When Mr. Solomon decided to show the video of his dog’s snoring to his pet, his pooch’s unexpected reaction is simply hilarious and delightful to see!

A Snoring Surprise?

Here is Mr. Solomon’s cute dog sleeping deeply on the sofa.
source: YouTube

Here is the owner playing the video clip of his dog’s snoring to next to the ear of his sleeping dog..
source: YouTube
Who is making that terrible sound?

Could this really be me?
source: YouTube
The facial expression of this cute dog is a combination of genuine shock and disappointment!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

I wonder if the noisy snoring of the dog actually improved after seeing that video clip?

This dog of a famous Israeli comedian is wonderfully funny too!

source: youtube