See the Unique Color Combination of a Cat that is a Photographers Dream!!!

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Here are some adorable images of the beautiful species of cat which is called a “Tea Tiger” and is named for its unique coloration in which the left half is black and the right half is a mottled brown with a white neckband. This cat is named “Yana”.

The color is split in half beautifully and it is quite unusual and Yana’s owner has an Instagram account with nearly 170 thousand followers which means that this cat is a huge topic of interest with online viewers everywhere!

Here are some photographs on Instagram of this adorable “tea tiger” cat that are simply delightful to see!

11 Adorable Photographs of “Yana”.

“Yana” is living with her owner in the city Minsk which is the capital city of Belarus.

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Please take a look at this cat’s cute photographs!

Tongue out for the camera.

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It feels good to be playful in front of the camera!

Model style.

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“Yana” looks really cool in these photos!

Sitting on a brown and white carpet.

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It is a little difficult to see this cat on this colored carpet!

In Autumn.

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Very cute!

With a Christmas tree.

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This purple costume looks great on this cat!

On New Year’s Day.

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Such an adorable kitty!

Taking a walk.

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Enjoying a nice walk with her owner.

Looking up at the top.

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Yawning “Yana”!

Simply adorable.

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Feeling sleepy with a big mouth.

Yana’s sleeping face.

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Please take a look at some other videos of this feline beauty below.

See Video Here

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These images of this rare “tea tiger” breed of cat are so popular with online viewers so please take a look at the owner’s Instagram account for more beautiful photographs of “Yana”.

Elizabeth (@yanatwofacecat) – Instagram

source: Instergram