Here is a Startling Video of Daily “Selfies” for 8 Years Which Can Be Seen in 3 Minutes!!!

Here is a young man whose nickname is “Dumo” and he has taken a “selfie” photo of himself every day for the past eight years! He has compiled all of these photos into a short video that can be seen in just under three minutes and is titled “Picture of My Face Every Day for 8 Years”!

This has become a hot topic of discussion with online viewers in many countries all over the world so please take a look and enjoy.

“Dumo” was born in 1993.


He started taking these self-photos in 2006.


In some of the photos, he is wearing a hat!


The background of Dumo’s home looks great!


Some of the photos lack emotion!


Uh-oh!? Children?


Finally, a 60-year-old man appears at the end. Is this really Dumo in the year 2075?


See Video Here

Over a span of 8 years, close to 2,900 photos were taken and you could watch the video in just under 3 minutes!

He hasn’t really changed so much!

It is quite an accomplishment to be able to continue to take photo every day for so many years!

By the way, this is a child featured in the video but it is believed that it could be Dumo’s son but is it a photo of Dumo as a child. (Appeared in 2:11 of the video).

See Video Here

Dumo obviously loves to take “selfies” of himself!