A Gentle Golden Retriever Teaches a Tiny Baby How to Shake Hands on Video!!!

source: YouTube
Here is a video of a gentle golden retriever who teaches a 5-young-old girl how to shake hands in this delightful video!

Like a lovable older sister or brother.

Here is a family pet teaching a tiny infant how to shake hands that was captured on video! This golden retriever is such a wonderful pet that treat this tiny human with such kindness that this video will certainly make you smile!
source: YouTube

“Yes, try holding my paw like this!”
source: YouTube

“This is a handshake!”
source: YouTube

“No need to let go! Just hold my paw like this!”
source: YouTube

This large dog and this tiny baby have a natural bond and affinity for each other that is a delightful to see!

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A pet dog and a tiny infant often form a close bond with each other that is clear to see and it is also an almost human connection which is so adorable to see and admire!

source: youtube