See Some Slow Motion Movie Magic When Magnets Connect Together!!!

source: YouTube

The mysteries of the magnet movements is so interesting due to the unexpected movements captured in a series of slow-moving images on video!

The slow motion images highlight the unexpected slow and high speed of movements when the magnets stick together!

source: YouTube

Magnets that are pulled instantaneously then stick together. The idea of watching the movements in slow motion is innovative and pleasing to the eye.

Here is group of iron balls flying through the air.
source: YouTube

These magnets are attracted towards the other magnet that are placed on the table and there are many unpredictable movements to be seen.
source: YouTube

Magnetic force is a strange and mysterious force! The magnets stick slowly and move in such strange ways!
source: YouTube

Please have a look and see the extended video below. The various movements of the magnets are quite magical to see!

See Video Here

source: YouTube

source: youtube