Here are the Adorable Sparrow Species from Japan that are called “Snow Fairies”!!!

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Here is an adorable bird species from Japan that are nicknamed “Snow fairies” and their beautiful images are becoming a huge hit all over the world with online viewers!

What is a “Shima Enaga”?

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This is the wild species of sparrow that is indigenous to Japan and is called “Shima Enaga” in Japanese.

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This pure white body, tiny eyes and small small beak make them absolutely adorable and one could look at them forever!

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Their tiny size and delicate beauty has perhaps inspired their nickname of “Snow Fairy”.

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There may be people who want to have these beautiful birds as pets but these wild creatures are protected and breeding or capture is strictly prohibited..

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I hope that the “Shima Enaga” will be protected and will flourish forever in the wild!

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These beautiful “Snow fairies” showcase the beautiful wildlife of Japan to be a national treasure that should be enjoyed and appreciated forever!

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